Pictures of the Hamill Tree Farm


Please pull in on this side of the sign, the side closest to the trees, and angle park so that others may also enter.  Additional parking is available to the rear.  Durin busy times, you may circle the house and go up the driveway to exit.

Pre-cut trees are for sale on our lighted tree lot until 9pm.  As many as seventy trees may be on display.

Kitty patrols the tree lot on occasion.

Willard Hamill, right, started growing Christmas trees in the early 1960s and selling at this location in 1974.  Our neighbor Cecil, left, helps us out, especially with equipment repair.

The following photos of our 'choose and cut' farm were taken over a period of several years.  These photos reflect the quality that we strive for but do not reflect the current stock of trees, which varies each year.

This is the farm with a light dusting of snow.  Additional trees are available across the hill.

In summer, we mow between the trees.

We prune and shear the trees each summer also.

Merry Christmas!

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