How to Grow a Tree

After selling season we buying seedlings and transpants, age two to four years old, and prepare the ground for planting by scraping down to bare earth.  The trees are planted as they arrive from February to May.  Because of planting errors and varying weather conditions, many recently planted trees die, but with luck a tree will come to market in six to twelve years.


New growth begins to emerge in May.  Starting in late June we prune the tops, making sure there is a single leader growing straight up with no competing branches. This keeps the tree growing straight.   If the leader is too long, it is cut so the tree will grow dense without large gaps.

After pruning, the new growth on the sides of the trees are cut off, making a uniform cone shape.


Spring through fall we mow between the trees.  This, and herbicide, keeps the grass from growing too tall and shading the recently planted trees.