White Pine

The White Pine has historically been the most popular variety in western Virginia. It grows well in this area and comes to market relatively quickly, in six to eight years. White pine have soft, long, light green needles with a whitish tint.  The branches do not hold heavy ornaments as well as other types but retain their needles for a good length of time after cutting. A limited number may be available pre-cut, mostly late in the season, or you can cut your tree from a selection of several hundred in the field.
Virginia Pine / Scotch Pine

Scotch Pine have medium length needles of dark green color. These trees have very strong branches that hold heavy ornaments very well.  Due to disease, Scotch Pine are being discontinued and being replaced with Virginia Pine.

Virginia Pine are fast growing trees with needle and branch characteristics something between Scotch and White Pine.

Fraser Fir / Canaan Fir

Fraser Fir make excellent Christmas trees for a variety of reasons.  Their strong branches support heavy ornaments, and the tree adds a pleasing holiday aroma to a room. They are slow to dry out after cutting and retain needles for a longer period than other types of trees. The short and rigid needles are soft to the touch and are dark green on the top and a silvery white underneath. Fraser Fir must grow ten to twelve years in this region to reach the proper size.  Fraser Fir are available pre-cut on the lot.

Canaan Fir have similar characteristics but grow better at lower elevation.  Canaan Fir are available for the customer to cut.

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce are beautiful Christmas tree which hold heavy ornaments well. Color is dark green.  Norway Spruce do not hold needles well and it is best to wait until about December 10th before cutting. Check the water level in the tree stand at least daily. Norway Spruce are available for you to choose and cut in the fields. Pre-cut trees will be available after about December 10th.

Christmas Tree Prices


Price for pre-cut

Price for choose
and cut

White Pine

$30 and up (limited quantities)


Scotch / Virginia Pine

$26 and up (limited quantities)


Fraser Fir / Canaan Fir

Most are $65 or $75, 6 to 8 feet tall range. 

Call about 9' to 13' Fraser Fir, 540-343-9701.


Norway Spruce

Available Later in the Season

$55 and up, Available Later in the Season

Pre-cut trees on the lot may be priced according to variety, quality, and size.

      Prices above are subject to change.